When you think you have it all together….

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Happy Mother’s Day! You know those days when you think you have it ALL together, and then, God giggles and you are reminded you don’t. Please. Please tell me I’m not the only one out there with those days!! Yesterday was shaping up to be one of those days.

It’s too soon for me to have another one of those days, folks. I was just dealt those cards before time stood still for quarantine. It was when our oldest girl celebrated her 8th birthday. I can’t even believe it. Too fast. Seconds seem like days when you are a kid, but when you have kids of your own days go by in seconds! Anyway, I thought I was doing awesome having everything pulled together for her birthday beforehand-
Kids ready and to school on time ✅
Baby fed and brother happy ✅
Breakfast for myself (amazingly) ✅
Successful appointment ✅
Pick up cupcakes for birthday snack….. And there’s the giggle!

Let them eat cake.

I headed to the grocery store for a quick stop. Any parent knows that’s a joke in its self right there. I just needed zipper storage bags, buns and corn to go with my awesome pull pork recipe we were having that night (I’ll have to share this! So easy and delicious! It’s all in a crockpot. Set it. Forget it!), and the cupcakes for her school snack on her actual birthday- the following day.

No Mom shaming please! I pick up a couple of cupcakes to have a special snack on my kid’s birthday. I don’t make them myself, and they are definitely store bought. Plastic character ring and all.

So I’m all done in the store, except for the cupcakes. I glide over to the bakery counter feeling like I have it all together. (Cue the giggling from above.) I see the cupcakes with the pink, purple and blue swirling icing with Frozen II character rings. They are chocolate, and she’d prefer yellow cake (or I would…. today…), but they are the only ones in these colors and characters, so I grab them.

I start to head to the checkout, when a demon inhabits my body (you’ll see, it’s the only reasonable explanation). My hand turns over and I dump the cupcakes onto the ground. Mortified I pick them up. They are still in their plastic dome container, giving me hope they can be saved. The cake decorator watched the entire thing, of course. So when I turned around she asked, “You still want those?” I practically begged with my eyes, “I was hoping so. If you can?” The decorator, or lifesaver, popped some more swirled frosting on the top and replaced the ring. Saved!!!

What did I learn from this? Ha! I’m not sure I’d change a thing?! Maybe say a prayer or some Hail Marys after thinking I have it all together??!

This isn’t the first time.

I’m reminded of another grocery store visit I had with my two girls. One was around two and the other was a baby. The baby was small enough to be in a front carrier during our grocery trip. I had made it through the grocery shopping, and headed to checkout. I was so happy. A successful shopping trip. No stops for snacks, or baby blowouts, or crying fits from the kids or me. I had it so together. (Hmm. Was that a giggle I heard? Nah… thinks proud me).

I was almost finished putting all of the items on the checkout belt when the two year old calls for my attention. “Look Mommy! Look what I do by myself!” I, still feeling confident, figured my little helper was putting grocery items on the belt with me. Nope. As I looked up I saw my, very proud of herself, little girl with one very sparkly thumb nail. She had plucked one of the glitter polishes that had been calling at her from the racks of impulse buys near the checkout.

She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.

I’m actually shocked at how well she did! We had a conversation about opening things in the store, buying things first, and then bought the polish and finished her nails later on at home. She never did it again, but now that I say it out loud, it sure sounds like a good trick on Mommy!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you make memories that will last a lifetime.

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