About Me

Hi! I’m Chelsey. Thanks for popping in!

Mom of 4 on the Go: Staying Upright in an Upside Down World is about surviving parenthood in this topsy-turvy world. I have family trips tested by myself, my college sweetheart-husband of 15 years, and our 4 kids- baby to 2nd grade. I have planning and packing tips to help keep you sane. Disney adventure tips to save money and not only survive the adventure, but have an unforgettable, enjoyable time! I’ll also have crafts and recipes, and solutions I’ve figured out along this wonderful journey called life.

As you’ve probably gathered through the title, I’m a Mom of four- two girls and two boys. It wasn’t easy for my husband and I to start a family, but our journey made us stronger, and it ended up perfect! I hate to sound so cliché, but we are very blessed! My husband and I are college sweethearts from Mississippi State University. GO DAWGS! We were married the day after I graduated, and I brought him back to the Northeast. I worked in broadcast television for about fifteen years, but took a hiatus when our second daughter was born, and then went back for another year to host a program specifically for and about Moms after our first son was born. Now, I’m a stay-at-home mom of four, and it’s exactly what I want to do! Don’t get me wrong- I still have the endless laundry, and every meal is not made from scratch. We are busy, and running around to events or appointments, but we are organized, or maybe I should say organized chaos!

Through the years of traveling the world as a Navy brat with my Dad, Mom, Gram, and four siblings, I consider myself pretty awesome at packing, open to trying different foods, and having a true love for travel… on a budget! I love the woods! I could be camping, hiking, snowshoeing, finding a great fishing pond or a spot to kayak; it’s all good! I love the coast! Collecting sea glass, and enjoying the seafood of the Northeast is a true treat. I love the rolling hills, and farm land! Thank you, farmers, for our beautiful food! I’m not a city girl, but we’ve figured out how to enjoy those adventures with our kids too!

We love to cook. Or is it, we love to eat? I’ll say it’s a tie! Living all over the world gives you a pretty open palate. I like to try new things, and thankfully, our family is pretty good about that too! My husband and I like to share the kitchen together, and the kids get involved with the food prep as well, making it truly a family meal. We have a busy life though, so my crockpot and rice cooker are staples in our kitchen. Since we love to eat, when we travel, we seek out the best eats that are family and budget friendly.

I enjoy singing, and crafting. I went to college on a choir scholarship, and have recently gotten involved in our area’s choir. Just a small one, almost 100 people! Another thing I’ve recently gotten into is, making felt figures for kids. My Mom and I have also made snowmen, fairies, mermaids; we try it all. It’s fun to see a little ball of wool transform into a character with its very own personality.

I like to plan parties! Birthdays, holiday, football, anniversaries, Arbonne! You name it, I’ll plan it, throw it, host it, and you will have fun!

I decided to create my blog to combine all of these loves, and give myself a creative outlet where I can write to other parents. I know how it is to be looking for answers, or someone going through the same thing as you, or even a place you snag ideas for your own home (hello Pinterest, we are talking about you!). I’m here for you. Feel free to reach out, leave suggestions, and subscribe to Mom of 4 on the Go: Staying Upright in an Upside Down World.