High School Seniors: Plan Your Graduation

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That’s right, Seniors. I am telling you to go ahead and plan your graduation! Plan your prom too! Yep, right in the middle of this worldwide pandemic, I want you to look to the future, have hope, and some fun too!

We All Know It’s Cancelled This Year

I feel horrible for Seniors missing out on what some people may call defining moments of their high school career. I loved being part of the prom committee, going to prom, putting on my cap and gown with honor cords and marching to “Pomp and Circumstance,” having a graduation speaking part, going to the state championship in track and field, taking my last walk down the halls to turn in my books, and make sure my yearbook was finished being signed. Even if you haven’t done these things, the adventures of the close of high school can be seen in many movies. Grease, Pretty in Pink, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, are a couple movies that come to mind.


I know it is strange to finish up your classes over Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or whatever the medium is your school has found. I’m helping my second grader and kindergartner navigate this too. BUT, don’t let the corona virus shutdowns define your senior year!

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

My advice to you is to keep on planning! Instead of letting these events fade away, move forward. Plan them for the future! And, don’t wait for someone else to start the planning. Get involved. Call your class officers, call your friends, contact your teachers, and get planning!

Plan your one-year reunion! I suggest, you call your local town hall, recreation center, or start with the Superintendent’s Office, and let them know you are wanting to set up an informal graduation ceremony for next year. Be mindful of the dates the Class of 2021 may be using for their graduation, but set a date! Grab a couple days while you’re at it!

There’s so much you can plan for the future. The possibilities are endless! Does your school usually have a co-ed softball game Seniors vs Juniors? Set it up! It will be special for both classes. What about planning a run that the surrounding area can take part in? You could do it for free, or charge a fee for a charity the Class of 2020 chooses. Plan a Class Night with catered dinner, and speaking parts from the class Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and so on. Move your formal! Save the decorations your class purchased for this year. Hire a photographer to capture all of those moments you were afraid you’d miss this spring! Get dressed up, and dance your feet off next year!

This Can Be Done Easier Than Ever Before

With social media connecting so many people, it may be easier now to plan your reunion. Plus, because you are planning before people leave for college and careers, you have the ability to contact your classmates at their current address, school email, Facebook page, or cellphone number. Nothing has changed right now!

When I left for school, I lost touch with virtually all of my high school friends. Unintentionally. I went to college WAY out-of-state, and people didn’t have the ability to connect like they do now. Take advantage of this ability you have now. Although you’ll move on to make new friends, and many of you will change from whom you are today, as you grow into the adult you’re going to be, you’ll still have connections with the people you went to high school with. Many of you have been around these folks for four years. Maybe even your entire academic career! There’s history; good and bad. And maybe in a year you’ll have made peace with whatever your issues were, or even forgotten. You’ll grow up a bit. Nothing will be lost moving your ceremonies a year out. If anything, it’ll be a gain.

Look Ahead

So, there it is! Keep planning! Look ahead to the future. Don’t dwell on what you’re missing this Spring. And while you’re at it, plan your 10- and 20-year reunions! Like I said, you are all still connected now; it’ll be easier.

Congratulations Class of 2020! You have so much ahead of you! I look forward to seeing what comes.

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